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Thistles and Crown


It's Carnival time in Rio (complete with thistles and crown). But what's that got to do with Carnival Glass? The answer may well surprise you. 


And there is another surprise from Brazil - a newly discovered pattern, Iraci.


With thanks to Cláudio Deveikis.

500 patterns from makers worldwide

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Nordic Carnival Glass


Aurora Borealis. It conjures up images of luminous, shimmering colours in the northern latitudes, just like the scintillating iridescent effects of Carnival. Let's go on a journey to the Nordic Countries, of Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Yes! Norway made Carnival Glass!

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Carnival Glass in pictures

Tornado Vase and Variant


Tornadoes! What was the design on these fabulous Northwood vases intended to be, and what about the European Variant? Read The Eye of the Storm. 

300 tumblers shown here

Carnival Glass Tumblers

Trout and Fly


Millersburg made fabulous Carnival Glass, but was in production for only 3 years. Why? Too expensive for its time, over-ambitious management, poor financial controls? Read how it was reported at the time - it will surprise you! Magnificent Millersburg: the Rise and the Fall.

Take a tour of Millersburg's wonderful Carnival in our Millersburg Gallery

Enamelled Carnival Glass tumblers

Enamelled Carnival Tumblers

Renaissance, Zabkowice


Renaissance: an egg-shaped covered bonbonnière

Inspired by Fabergé, made by Zabkowice (and yes, it is Classic Carnival, not contemporary). It’s in our updated Collectors’ Facts.

Facts about some unusual patterns

Collectors' Facts Gallery

Brilliant Brockwitz


Brockwitz's Carnival has many avid fans

It's easy to see why - look at our Brockwitz Carnival Glass Gallery



Glen & Stephen Thistlewood

Glen & Stephen Thistlewood

Carnival Glass Worldwide

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