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Carnival Glass Collectors' Facts

Pattern: Daisy and Scroll

Maker: Unknown (possibly Argentina)


Daisy and Scrolll plate

 This is the first reported plate in this pattern and colour.


Pale blue base glass

The plate is marigold Carnival on a very pale blue base glass.

Photos courtesy of Cláudio Deveikis.






Pale Blue



 Low flat bowl

Pale Blue

 Bowl, large and small sizes

Pale Blue

 Shot Glass

Pale Blue








The plate shown above is marigold on a pale blue base glass. It was found by Cláudio Deveikis in the south of Brazil, in a region named Paraná which borders with Argentina, and was a double first: the first time that a Daisy and Scroll plate has been reported, and the first report of the pattern in this pale blue base glass. Subsequently, Cláudio reported several more shapes in this same pale blue, as shown below - a large shallow bowl (top right), a large deep bowl (centre) and four smaller bowls. 

Daisy and Scroll

Photo courtesy of Cláudio Deveikis.

Previously, Daisy and Scroll had only been reported in the shapes of decanter and shot glass.

Although a Daisy and Scroll decanter, shot glasses and tray are illustrated in the Hortensja catalogues ( Poland), there are some pattern and shape differences between the illustrations depicted in the catalogue and the Carnival items that have been reported in this pattern. In particular, the shot glasses are entirely different in shape.


Circumstantial evidence currently suggests that Daisy and Scroll Carnival items were probably made in South America (most likely Argentina), and all examples that we are aware of have been found there. Carnival from Poland is not currently known in deep cobalt blue, but  blue Carnival from South America is very familiar. That observation, coupled with the location of all currently reported "finds" that we are aware of, plus the significant differences in the Hortensja catalogue illustrations of the shot glasses, lead us to believe that this lovely plate (and the other known Carnival shapes in the pattern) were probably made in South America.


See our feature on Garland and Bows to find out more about the links between Poland and South America.


Sincere thanks to Cláudio Deveikis for the photos and the report of this fascinating discovery:

Daisy and Scroll decanter

Daisy and Scroll decanter, marigold (stopper is probably not the original.)


Daisy and Scroll shot glasses


Daisy and Scroll shot glasses, blue and marigold on pale blue base glass.




Daisy and Scroll wine and shot glasses, as depicted  in the Hortensja catalogue, circa 1930s. Clearly, they are very different to the ones known in Carnival.

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