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Other European makers

 Norway - Høvik (also Hövik) Glassverk

Research by John Hodgson has recently uncovered this Norwegian Carnival Glass maker. F or more information see our e-book, Carnival Glass from Karhula, Iittala and Høvik Glassverk.

 Netherlands - Leerdam Carnival tableware sets were made by Leerdam around the 1920s, sometimes using older moulds.
 France - St. Gobain-Coty St. Gobain-Coty most likely produced original vases for Coty at this factory.
 France - Baccarat

Iridised decoration on pressed glass was done by Baccarat around 1915.

 France - Bayel

Bayel, Clairey and Fains ("Bayel") produced some Carnival Glass.  There are also Carnival items marked “France” - makers as yet unknown.

 Portugal Marinha Grande (Portuguese Glassworks). Glassmaking in Portugal can be traced back to the 1700s. Marinha Grande made Carnival Glass, although the date is, as yet unproven.