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Riihimäki Carnival Glass from Finland

Glen & Stephen Thistlewood

“Everything you need to know about Riihimäki, finally all brought together in one e-book.”




What's in it?

Lavish illustrations and a treasure trove of information on Riihimäki's wonderful Carnival Glass.

An amazing resource:


·         over 300 photos & catalogue images

·         a Smart Pictorial Index to a wealth of information on 64 different patterns made in Carnival

·         the History of glass production at Riihimäki

·         Riihimäki's Designs and Trademarks

·         the Signature Characteristics of Riihimäki's Carnival

·         presented in PDF format, viewable on all computer systems

·         available by download (9.5MB) or on CD.

For the last decade, we have been researching and recording the astonishing Carnival Glass production in Europe. The results of our research into Riihimäki in Finland are brought together for the first time in this comprehensive new e-book.

What does it cost and how do I buy one?

The cost for a downloaded copy is just £10. Alternatively, on CD it costs £12 (UK) or £13.50 (International), postage included.

Payment by PayPal is quick and convenient. For International buyers, PayPal converts your payment into your local currency. You can also use PayPal to pay by credit card. Payment by UK cheques is also OK!

To get your copy simply click here and order from our Webstore. Alternatively, if you prefer, email us on    and we will take it from there.

How does the e-book work?

It is easier to show you than to describe it. A key feature of the e-book is the Smart Pictorial Index. When you click on any one of the 64 patterns in the index – from ALBIAN to ZIZZLE - you go to a comprehensive and fully illustrated “facts sheet” for that pattern. 


Or, as it is an electronic book, you can just continue to read it, page by page, like any regular book.


Try it! Here is a sample of the Smart Pictorial Index. Click on the Laurel Band pattern name below the thumbnail illustration (it's the only one that is "live" in this sample demo).








 Laurel Band

 Lightning Stars

So, that's Laurel Band as an example. Now consider that the e-book has comprehensive information on the known shapes, sizes and colours of each of the 64 Carnival Glass patterns that are attributed to Riihimäki.

But that’s not all!

Some collectors think that Riihimäki’s Carnival output was small and that their colours were limited. This is not so! Through our research, more shapes and sizes of their Carnival Glass items will be recognised. So, for each Carnival pattern, we identify all the shapes and sizes of that pattern appearing in the seven different catalogues we have studied covering Riihimäki’s output from 1915, whether currently reported in Carnival or not.

Our e-book comes as a convenient PDF that can be read on all computer systems. Scroll through it like a regular book, or use the Smart Pictorial Index to jump to a specific pattern. View the text, and the pictures, at a size that suits you.

UPDATES: we will publish free updates and new finds in Riihimäki’s Carnival Glass, so that the reader can keep abreast of ongoing research. The first update has already been published and made available free to anyone who bought our e-book.

Please feel free to email us to report any discoveries and new finds, so that we can add your information. All finds and reports will be fully acknowledged in the text.

How to buy

To order Riihimäki Carnival Glass from Finland simply click here and order from our Webstore. Or if you prefer (or if you have any questions) please email us at:

The cost for a downloaded copy is just £10. Alternatively, on CD it costs £12 (UK) or £13.50 (International), postage included.

If you choose a download, we will send you details of how to download your Riihimäki eBook and save it to your own computer.

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