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Sowerby e-book Vol. 1

Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works: Volume 1 - From Victoria to George V 


Contains a wealth of original catalog, text and photographic information on Sowerby. There are almost 100 full pages from five different Sowerby catalogs (known as Illustrated Pattern Books) spanning the years 1882 to 1912. With this wonderful resource you can see in superb detail, the amazing array of patterns and shapes that Sowerby produced during this era.



There is also an analysis of the factory's output plus much detailed information (including photos) on Sowerby's glass colors, patterns and shapes. Information on pattern inspirations, the factory's history, its trademarks and marketing strategy plus insights on J.G. Sowerby, the artist, make this an invaluable resource for all glass collectors and researchers worldwide. And it's not only those interested in early Sowerby glass who will find this volume both fascinating and relevant; the pages of the catalogs show many patterns and familiar shapes that were used in later years. Carnival Glass collectors will also be delighted to see the introduction of the Daisy Block Rowboat, the Covered Swan and Diving Dolphins within the catalog pages presented, and the appearance of familiar patterns such as Pineapple, Sea Thistle and Chunky (aka English Hob and Button). 


Sowerby e-book Vol. 2

Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works: Volume Two - George V to Elizabeth II

C ontains a wealth of original catalog, text and photographic information on Sowerby that covers the period from the early 1920s through to the late 1950s.

This second volume has almost 120 original catalog pages spanning these years - the introduction of Carnival Glass, the Art Deco years, Tynesyde Glass and much more are shown here. Furthermore, there is a full, illustrated section on Sowerby's Carnival covering all their known patterns - plus a special feature on the fabulous Diving Dolphins. More amazing new information is contained in the fascinating and compelling contemporary accounts of Adam Dodds (glass technologist at Sowerby's) including his memories of the 1950s re-issue of Sowerby's Carnival. A comprehensive series of actual reports from the Pottery Gazette, between 1928 and 1948 is also included, accompanied by illustrations that will both amaze and delight.


 Sowerby e-book Vol. 3

Sowerby's Ellison Glass Works: Volume Three - A Celebration of Sowerby

The final volume in this unique trilogy contains what is, to our knowledge, a full digital reproduction of Sowerby's Illustrated Pattern Book No. XI – 1885, and it also features a superb photographic compendium of Sowerby’s glass.


Sowerby's Illustrated Pattern Book No. XI - 1885: Comprising over 1700 items on 107 pages, this catalogue provides a truly amazing document that records the extraordinarily vast range of Sowerby's glass production during the period from 1885 to 1887. It further offers a fascinating insight into what they were offering to their British and overseas customers at that time.

Photographic Compendium of Sowerby’s Glass: An encyclopaedic presentation of Sowerby's Glass with a visual feast of 250 colour photographs and explanatory text, featuring over a century of the Ellison Glass Works' production. Many rare items as well as familiar shapes and patterns, in an astonishing range of colours, including Slag (Malachite), Carnival, Ivory Queen's Ware, Vitro-Porcelain, Flint, Opalescent, Vaseline and much more. Each photo is presented with its pattern/catalogue number (where known).

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